The Boston Marathon 2014

In my Storify story I chose to show the Boston Marathon 2014 progress from last year’s tragedy. A year ago, the Boston Marathon ended with a horrible bombing that affected the lives of many people. A year later, people showed their respects and honor by tweeting, posting videos, and writing articles about the survivors and participants of this years race. Many celebrities and organizations promoted the hashtag of #bostonstrong and showed their support of this years race and the strength of the city of Boston. Below is my Storify story of this years Boston marathon.




Oh, the places I’ve been

Here is a map of cities that are important to me. Saddle Brook, New Jersey is important to me because I grew up my whole life there. Boston, Massachusetts has always been my favorite visited city, and Los Angeles, California has always been a place I would love to go.

NPRSSA takes on Crisis Communication

While participating in the PRSA New Pros twitter chat, a topic of crisis communication was discussed. I have never joined a twitter chat before and this was a great one to start with because it discussed the PR views on how to handle crisis communication. Lessons I have learned are to always be honest with the client and the public, never lie to them. If a crisis comes up then take appropriate steps to fix it. Being prepared and looking at all the possible scenarios will keep you most prepared and ready to face a crisis. Another thing discussed was about keeping certain departments in the loop. Social media is a huge department that helps control or make a crisis worse. The social media department must be on board and understand what is going on in a situation to help fix the problem and relay the correct messages out to the public. Using good judgment and do not report something that you may be unsure of. Crisis communication is all about telling the truth, staying calm, and being prepared for anything to be thrown your way. This chat was very useful and taught me scenarios that will help me in my career later in life. I enjoyed being able to give my input on topics I know about, and learn more about situations I was not as educated about. Below are my tweets from the live twitter chat this evening.






I also found other users inputs to be very valuable. The two tweets below I found to be the most useful because it explains right to the point how to deal with a crisis. The tweets also explain how valuable social media is and how quickly something can spread because of it. I liked how they said being prepared and the use of social media and all human resources are the two main concepts to dealing with a crisis.

Valentines Day and Social Media

Valentine’s is an over the top holiday in everybody’s situation. If you are in a relationship, it is a day for you to show how much you care for your significant other. Buying highly-priced flowers and candies are what make Valentine’s Day sales so effective.  If you are single you watch all the couples participate in the most romantic holiday of the year, or looking for a date to take you out on this special day. On Jenn’s Trends blog, she discusses how social media and Valentine’s Days are similar. She considers Valentine’s Day as a date, and says social media should be looked as a “date” as well. Even if you are single on Valentine’s Day, you can still be taken out on a date. This can be like gaining followers on social media. Once you start to get to know a person you can be considered in a relationship. When reaching out and posting more on your social media, you can begin to gain a long-term relationship with it and your followers. Instead of making your Valentine’s Day date come to an end, you can continue it to become a relationship, just like one can on social media. Heart

In order to gain a relationship with someone you must get to know them. This goes for social media as well. You must follow specific steps in order to form lasting relationships with your followers in order to make your market grow.

  • Post on your media frequently
  • Ask/answer questions
  • Get to know your followers
  • Market yourself and make your social media known

Once you are marketing and making a name for yourself, your social media can move from the cliché Valentine’s Day date, to one of those in a relationship.  So instead of making your date on Valentine’s Day your last, try to make the effort to make it a lasting one, both on social media and in person.

Social Media in Today’s Society

Marketing and PR have been constantly changing throughout the last few years. Rules and ways of communicating between companies and the audiences have changed when the rules of marketing and PR have changed. The old rules of marketing consisted of simple advertising one-way to the consumer. It was more about selling the product. In current days, the web now transformed these rules and made it a “marketplace of ideas.” This happened in PR as well. Companies used to have to have a significant amount of information before it could be released to the public. With the web being so active and involved now they use it as a source of information. PR and marketing have similar goals due to the web and social media and create a very thin line between the two in some cases.

Social media has changed the way that people produce and consume news in many ways.  Instead of it being a one way street in which reporters gather information and create a story, the viewers and audiences are now very much active. Exchanging information via social media now help create stories. “The shift of the tools of production to the people formerly known as the audience,” says Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at New York University in an article written for the Economist.

Journalism is also affected by social media in all ways. We are all our own gatekeeper. Before social media and the internet really made strides into our society, gatekeepers had a say in what was published. Now anyone can decide what is said online or published. According to Ashley and Kristof there is no such thing as gatekeepers because we are all our own gatekeeper instead. According to Mark Briggs, journalism has a bright future, however. Now journalism will be fueled by the independent companies because there are so many small ones that focus on certain topics. Breaking down jobs in start-up companies will get the most work done and have passion for what they do oppose to the big companies doing work just to get it done.